Have you just purchased your first Android phone or anyone of your closest relatives? Congratulations for that. Regardless of knowing which mobile phone have you bough, the most important thing is your Android version and the apps that it can support. Android phones are full of functions and have great features. But to make full use of your phone you need to install many apps. And today we have a few that will help you to make your android device as useful as it could be. Android devices already have some basic apps like Gmail, Youtube, Google Play Music, Default text messenger and Google photos. But that’s not all of Android, it is like a tip of the iceberg. I won’t talk more and will directly take you to my list of most useful apps for Android.

Gboard - The Google Keyboard

You really need a good looking keyboard for your Android device to make your screen look more attracting. Among all other Android keywords, Gboard stays the most attracting keyword for all Android devices. The best thing is that Gboard is a completely free app and supports gesture typing for individual and entire sentences. There are a ton of themes available for it. It is best for doing text messaging through any texting apps for Android.

Authy 2-Factor Authentication

As a smart user you should always ensure the security of your device and accounts and there is no better option than Authy to impose two-factor authentication on your Android device. If you are still unfamiliar with two factor authentication, then let me explain. It adds another layer of security by making six-digits tokens that are created in every 60 seconds. This extra later of security helps to protect data from account hijackers and hackers. The best thing about Authy is that it is completely free and works on most of multi-factor authentication accounts like Facebook, Amazon, Dropbox, Gmail and thousands of other such apps.


Gone are the days when people use to read books under lamps, in this modern era book lovers have already switched to E-books. Kindly is a perfect choice for all e-book readers, it give you access to all your favorite books from Amazon’s e-book catalogue right on your Android phone. There is no need to have another piece of tech around your to read an e-book, just install Kindly and enjoy.