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  • Geoge Foreman, a boxing inspiration for kids

    george foreman

    George Foreman is one of the legengs of boxing and has been great inspiration for boxing lovers. He is one of the most successful boxers around the world. The professional boxer also showed his talent and services in the Hollywood where he played as an actor in the industry. George has also served as Minister of Religion is a wealthy man, he has written many books, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He started as a boxer when he was 24 and hit Joe Frazier a TKO in 1973 after which his rising period started. It remained as a shining star in his career.

    george foreman

    In his career he had a successful record of 76 wins out of 81 fights. But still after ending his career he only had $5 million dollar which is indeed a small amount comparing to the achievements. But George Foreman’s net worth increased dramatically from his activities which were other than boxing.